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Founder Earlonne Woods

     Earlonne Woods was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles.      At the age of 17, he was convicted as an adult for the kidnap/robbery of a drug dealer and sentenced to 10 years in state prison. He served 6 years, three months and was paroled in 1995. He returned to the streets and in 1997, he was arrested and sentenced to 31-years-to-life for attempted second degree robbery under California’s Three Strikes Law. While incarcerated this time, he received his GED, attended Coastline Community College and completed many vocational trade programs. Earlonne is the Co-creator, Co-producer and Co-host of the Pulitzer nominated podcast Ear Hustle. After 21 years of incarceration, in November 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown commuted Earlonne's sentence to time served. Upon his release from San Quentin, Earlonne was hired full time to continue the work started inside but also adding reentry stories. In the six seasons the podcast has been around, it has been downloaded over 44 million times,  Earlonne is also involved in the Repeal California’s Three Strike Coalition which aims to end California’s draconian three strikes law.       While incarcerated, Earlonne founded CHOOSE1. The mission was to get the hip-hop community to leverage their platforms and fund the initiative that will free up to 40,000 men and women sentenced under the California Three Strikes Law.  

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